„Sustainable Work“ Podcast

Podcast about future job opportunities, which make the world a better place



Tübingen is the home of many young students, who are preparing themselves for the job market. Nevertheless, many of them don’t know yet, what job they’d like to do and might end up doing “Bullshit jobs” (according to the philosopher David Graber). This includes jobs, which are neither satisfying for ourselves nor do they contribute to solving our global crises.

To educate young people about interesting job opportunities and their impact on our global crises, we interview employees from all different fields and ask them about their jobs: How do they enjoy it? How is the work/life balance? What is the positive impact on our society? What would they do differently if they would study again?

The intention of this project is to educate young people about potential job opportunities and to inspire them to choose a job which makes our world a better place.




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