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As one of the integral parts of our initiative, we believe it is crucial to have a good community and social atmosphere in order to perform projects productively. At sustainAbility, we want everybody to feel welcome and are always open for new members. In the past years, many of us have transitioned from just “colleagues” to friends. To foster such friendships and to also have fun while conditucting our projects, we regularly meet for social activities.

Some of these activities included in the past:

  • Participating as a group in sport events (e.g. the 100 km Staffellauf of the University of Tübingen)
  • Pub Crawl events: exploring different bars in Tübingen while having a sustainable pub-quiz competition
  • Stocherkahn tours: enjoying the good weather and some nice conversations at a Stocherkahn
  • Summer-festival at the Neckar: Meeting at a nice place at the outskirt of Tübingen to play games, do StandUp paddling or practicing archery.

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