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All the previous members of the sustainAbility crew

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Moritz Koch

PhD in microbiology

PhD topic: Using microalgae for the production of bioplastic

Member: 2016 (founding member) – 2022

Personal interests: environmental psychology, CO2 compensation,

Other groups: Scientists for Future Tübingen, Week of Links

Hobbies: Volleyball, playing guitar, boxing

Highlights with sustainAbility: creating our own scholarships

Diana Zeller

Postdoc (Akad. Rätin) in chemistry education, Wuppertal

PhD topic: Solar Cells and Photocatalysis with Titanium Dioxide for chemistry classes

Member: 2016 (founding member) – 2018

Personal interests: sustainable development education (SDE), teaching chemistry and digital media

Other groups: Scientists for Future Wuppertal, Transition Town Neuss, Kraftvoll Wuppertal

Hobbies: Yoga, Drawing, History in general

Highlights with sustainAbility: organizing our own lecture, cooking while planning

Andreas Rumpf

PhD student in Environmental Physics

PhD topic: Impact of environmental conditions on the annual energy production of wind turbines

Member: Summer 2020 – 2021

Personal interests: Sustainable energy production, green economy and biodiversity

Hobbies: Sailplaning, Agriculture, Energy

Highlights with sustainability: Transfaculty exchange, „Stocherkahn“ tour

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