Mental Health of PhD students

Evaluation of the mental health status of PhD students
(at the University of Tübingen)

All information about our current study and survey details can be found here.


The time as a PhD student is tough and mental health a crucial issue during this period. In our understanding of a sustainable world, all members of our society should have not only a good physical, but also mental health.  The goal of our “mental health project” is to assess the mental health status of PhD students in Tübingen. For this purpose we cooperate with a psychology professor of the psychiatry in Tübingen and conduct a survey to generate a data basis. These data will serve as a basis for further discussion about the conditions, support services and their development for doctoral students in Tübingen. Additionally, our findings will be published in a scientific journal to raise awareness about this crucial issue.


PhD students seeking for help can contact the Psychosocial Counseling Service for University Employees:

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