Current members

Our current members of the sustainAbility crew

Cornelius Schröder

PhD in neuroscience

PhD topic: biophysical modeling and different approaches of parameter inference given experimental data

Member since: 2016 (founding member)

Personal interests: broad field of sustainability, but also machine learning and its consequences on the society

Hobbies: climbing, cycling, cooking

Highlights with sustainAbility: archery in Merle’s garden

Merle Reuter

PhD in psychology / bachelor student in forestry

PhD topic: Natural Spaces and their potential for children’s mental restoration

Member since: 2016 (founding member)

Personal interests: nature conservation, ecology, ethics

Other groups: StuVegan -Bündnis für eine nachhaltige Mensa; Greenpeace

Hobbies: hiking, gardening, yoga

Highlights with sustainAbility: debates about ecolocical fairness in various fields, such as agriculture and nutrition; sustainable social events

Julian Friedrich

PhD student in Psychology

PhD topic: Occupational health literacy
Member since: 2020
Personal interests: sustainable employability, systemic counselling
Hobbies: climbing and kayaking for health and well-being
Motto: „A dream is simply reality waiting to happen.“

Miriam Keppner

PhD in Political Science

PhD topic: Knowing climate change. The role of transnational municipal networks in producing and diffusing climate knowledge

Member since: 2016 (founding member)

Personal interests: Knowledge communication, environmental psychology, behavioral change

Other groups: Scientists for Future Tübingen

Hobbies: growing vegetables, bee-keeping, sewing

Highlights with sustainAbility: organizing our own mini-lecture series, sustainAbility Christmas Pub Quiz

Álvaro Cortés Rodríguez

PhD student in Linguistics

PhD topic: Processing multiple wh-questions in elliptical contexts

Member since: October 2018

Personal interests: politics, education, psychology, maps, feminism, LGBTQ+ rights, languages and cultures from around the world

Other groups: Scientists for Future Tübingen

Hobbies: acrobatics, biking, yoga, travelling, watching infographics

Highlights with sustainAbility: developing the sustainAbility scholarship, and creating different task forces such as Mental Health AK and Podcast AK

Lara Höfling

PhD student in Computational Neuroscience

PhD topic: Unraveling how visual information is processed in the retina

Member since: January 2019

Personal interests: sustainability and the “good life”; machine learning in sustainability research

Other groups: AG Nachhaltigkeit at the clinics

Hobbies: acrobatics, board games, running, “gardening” in my flat, theatre

Highlights with sustainability: pub crawl; organizing a Podiumsdiskussion on sustainable agriculture

Anna Bareis

PhD student in Psychology

PhD topic: Self-regulation and Personality in educational contexts

Member since: 2019

Personal interests: mental health, understanding the motivations for sustainable behaviour, communal living

Hobbies: gardening, (dog) walking, cooking, running

Highlights with sustainAbility: panel discussion on sustainable agriculture, trip on the “Stocherkahn”, mental health project

Nicola Gericke

PhD student in Microbiology

PhD topic: Functional dissection of transport processes during glycopeptide antibiotic secretion

Member since: Summer 2020

Personal interests: enjoy and protect nature, get to know new people and new ways of life, gender equality

Hobbies: Hiking, Kickboxing, Climbing, playing board games, playing guitar

Highlights with sustainability: Developing and producing a podcast, „Stocherkahn“ tour

Zoé Bürger

PhD student in neuroscience

PhD topic: Understanding the effect of hormonal contraception on stress and sexual functioning

Member since: March 2020

Personal interests: science communication, feminism, LGBTQ+ rights, mental health advocacy, mindfulness and making the world a better place

Hobbies: figure skating, yoga, playing the harp, reading, D&D, being a nerd and enjoying nature

Highlights with sustainAbility: Meeting creative minds and changing the world one step at a time; podcast project & mental health project 

Fabian Strauß

PhD student in Physical Chemistry

PhD topic: Development and improvement of nanoparticle-based photodetectors with plasmonics

Member since: spring 2021

Personal interests: technical solutions for climate change; sustainable architecture/planning

Hobbies: (Astro-) Photography, (Beach-) Volleyball, reading, hearing music, playing board games

Highlights with sustainability: planning a Studium Oecologicum course; writing a letter to the editor; hiking trip on the Alb

Nina Effenberger

PhD student in Machine Learning

PhD topic: Uncertainty in Spatio-Temporal Energy Forecasting.

Member since: 2021

Personal interests: machine learning and sustainability, sustainable energies, communicating research with the general public

Hobbies: reading, hiking, socializing

Highlights with sustainAbility: Interfaculty exchange, mental health study

Rebecca Peters

PhD student in geoscience (environmental systems analysis)

PhD topic: Investigating the future of hydropower – Pathways for sustainable
renewable energy development in Africa

Member since: November 2021

Personal interests: How to balance demands for energy, food production, and
biodiversity within a finite land area; climate justice

Hobbies: dance, music (vinyl digging), hiking

Highlights with sustainAbility: hiking trip to Bebenhausen

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